Fund With Charcoal

Today I led a small workshop of interested people as we had fun with charcoal.  The group came from all backgrounds some had never drawn a thing.

We made marks and passed the paper along to the next person, they looked to see what they could add with more charcoal or take away with a rubber.  Every few minutes we swopped drawings passing them for another person to make sense of the marks.  It required a lot of concentration, but was really good fun!  Judge for yourself.


Evening View @65

Great time at the party, talking to all the groups Artists and guests.  Its only now that I realise there is so much to learn and what a great opportunity it is to have the support of North Somerset Arts and all their members.  They all know how to get the best in the real world.  Thanks to everyone for making it a fab event.  Clearly its not easy being an artist…….

Group 1 show

Its certainly been a long day setting up for tomorrow’s opening, everyone worked so hard to make an excellent display of work.  We are all so different and such a great group. my first show outside of University Centre Weston.  It is so different too from my former working life, I think I have found  my niche for my third age!


Labels for the Royal Academy arrive


Well it all feels very real, my picture ‘A walk in Mindfulness’ is going on a trip to London, I can imagine it will walk in with a porter and get thumbs down and walk straight out again, but it will be fun trying the process out from the safety of the University Centre Weston.  I will also be in the company of two of my fellow students.  So what with the summative approaching and my showing with North Somerset Arts and getting another work ‘a little bit of Bristol’ to the next stage of the Visual Arts 2018 open. I am beginning to feel like an Artist!  Now, Now!! I must not get ahead of myself after all I have been working hard for 3years….   anyway watch this space  you can cheer me up soon….


I can’t believe I am hanging tomorrow with 11 other Artists at the North Somerset Arts show @ 65.  I am deputy coordinator for group one, who open on the 11th of April till the 22nd.   There has been loads to do to help get things off the ground, meetings leaflet distribution, invitations.  Everyone in the group is so very different with such excellent skills and passion for the work they do.  I just know this will be a highlight in my BA year

Ill post after we have had the Private View on Friday to show you everyone’s work in detail but for now I’m going to share all the work its taken the committee to prepare the rooms for our group.Tour around no 65

WP_20180317_23_08_47_Pro 1



Classmates Success 2018

2018 has started well 2 members of my Class at University Centre Weston  BA Contemporary Art and Professional Studies have now successfully shown at the LT Gallery, Orchard Street, Weston Super Mare.

Jamie Chapman and Mari Em  attracted attention from local artists and art lovers in North Somerset at their private shows.  They held their own explaining the meaning and roots of their artistic pieces.  They have both gone on to make sales.  When I was at their shows seeing them chat confidently to everyone,  I certainly felt they have set the bar for the rest of us to follow.